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    End to end solutions for health NLP development and deployment.

    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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    Machine Learning & Deep Learning

    Cutting-edge technologies to provide insights from medical documents.

    About CLAMP


From clutter of text pile to structured, organized and standardized data

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CLAMP Toolkit

Melax Solutions are built on top of excellent CLAMP toolkit

Natural Language Processing

Unlock clinical narratives to provide detailed patient information for clinical research and medical practice.

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Identify hidden patterns of clinical medical language (e.g., inefficiencies or best practices) by supervised or unsupervised learning from clinical text.

Terminology and Ontology

Normalize and standardize complex clinical data to unified representations using clinical ontologes.

Enterprise Systems

Fast development and deployment of NLP solutions for integration with existing workflow at a healthcare enterprise.

Bring your texual data into life.

Melax Technologies develops custom NLP solutions utilizing CLAMP Toolkit for your unique problems in Healthcare.


Use cases

Make your EHR alive

Healthcare outcome and quality measurement

  • Reports of problem-specific clinical measures
  • Extraction of patient safety indicators
  • Normalization to standard terminologies such as SNOMED-CT and MeDRA

Predictive modeling and precision medicine

  • Hospital length-of-stay and re-admission prediction
  • CDSS for personalized treatment
  • Precision oncology

Biomedical Research

  • Phenotyping/cohort identification
  • Comparative effectiveness research
  • ETL to common data model (CDM)

Computer assisted coding

  • Medical Billing Codes: ICD 10, HCC, CPT etc.
  • Morphology and topology standardization for tumor registries
  • Patient risk assessment for CMS reimbursement

About Us

Why Melax?

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Melax Technologies Inc. is an emerging AI company specialized in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) in the biomedical domain. The Melax team has over 20 years of experience in developing clinical NLP methods, tools, and applications, top-ranked in a dozen international NLP challenges in the medical domain. Many NLP-based solutions such as computer-assisted medical coding, clinical decision support, surveillance, care quality, and patient safety reporting were implemented and tested in leading hospitals and high-tech companies in US and other countries.

Melax’s featured product, the CLAMP toolkit for clinical NLP, was built on top of award-winning NLP methodologies proven in many international NLP challenges. It enables recognition and automatic encoding of clinical information in narrative patient reports. Currently, CLAMP has been widely used by thousands of users from hundreds of organizations including large medical centers and leading HIT companies.