About Us

Innovative, Collaborative, Professional. Explore for advance clinical data analysis...

Our Story

Founded in 2017 and Located in TMCx,Melax Techonologies Inc is a leader in developing clinical natrual language processing (NLP) software.

Our Team

Fully experienced in NLP-based machine learning and innovative EHR product developing. (A brief introduction of everyone at Melax.)

Our Mission

By enabling users to train their own model for machine learning, our mission is to provide the best clinical solutions for global customers.

Our Product

CLAMP is a NLP tool based on several award-winning methods and applications developed in University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, School of Biomedical Informatics.

Our Quality

With best ideas and services, our comprehensive NLP software makes it possible for recognition and automatic encoding of clinical information in narrative patient reports.

Our Clients

Many of the world’s most dynamic healthcare institutions, academic labs, and NLP users find CLAMP make their annotation and NLP tasks more effective. Over 160 users in more than 120 sites already use CLAMP.