Scientific Publications and Research Papers

UTH_CCB System for Adverse Drug Reaction Extraction from Drug Labels at TAC-ADR 2017


UTH-CCB@BioCreative V CDR Task: Identifying Chemical-induced Disease Relations in Biomedical Text


March, 2021

COVID-19 SignSym: a fast adaptation of a general clinical NLP tool to identify and normalize COVID-19 signs and symptoms to OMOP common data model


December, 2020

Natural language processing (NLP) tools in extracting biomedical concepts from research articles: a case study on autism spectrum disorder


October, 2020

ADE Eval: An Evaluation of Text Processing Systems for Adverse Event Extraction from Drug Labels for Pharmacovigilance


September, 2020

Melaxtech: A report for CLEF 2020 – ChEMU Task of Chemical Reaction Extraction from Patent


August, 2020

COVID-19 TestNorm: A tool to normalize COVID-19 testing names to LOINC codes


July, 2020

Developing Customizable Cancer Information Extraction Modules for Pathology Reports Using CLAMP


November, 2018

A hybrid approach to automatic de-identification of psychiatric notes


July, 2018

Extracting psychiatric stressors for suicide from social media using deep learning


July, 2017

Identifying Metastases-related Information from Pathology Reports of Lung Cancer Patients


July, 2016

Extracting genetic alteration information for personalized cancer therapy from


June, 2016

UTHealth at SemEval-2016 Task 12: an End-to-End System for Temporal Information Extraction from Clinical Notes


April, 2013

A hybrid system for temporal information extraction from clinical text


June, 2010

Integrating existing natural language processing tools for medication extraction from discharge summaries