Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions address just a few of the ways NLP is used to move the dial on R&D.  While many of the Melax Tech examples are within the healthcare domain, Melax Tech’s array of products are designed to support legal, financial, educational and other industries.

Natural Language Processing or NLP Technology is an application that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract human-language based information from medical charts, lab results and many other types of unstructured data.

Structured data is captured in relational databases (think form fields); that is, it is data that is contained in a pre-defined manner or model.  Unstructured data is contained in free text, memo fields and other “text heavy” areas of a system. 

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information,  as much as 80% of healthcare data is unstructured. The sheer volume of data available through NLP data extraction can advance and calibrate research, diagnostics and general knowledge of a topic.  For example, NLP can be used to find information within a doctor’s notes. This may include possible diagnoses, relational health history not defined in standard data sets and shorthand notes that do not easily relate to standard coding, such as ICD-10.

De-identification is an important step in all research, and NLP extraction will not include patient identifiers.

Yes, NLP can be useful for financial and legal queries, customer service and marketing initiatives, to name just a few.

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