How Natural Language Processing Supports Healthy Healthcare Systems

Time: December 8th 2020 at 1:00 pm CST

Presenter: Dr. Yaoyun Zhang

Duration: 60 minutes

NLP Overview Webinar

Natural Language Processing brings free text and unstructured data to the forefront of healthcare.  With 80% of medical data housed in written clinical notes, hospital administrators and medical teams may miss critical clues to treatment protocols, workflow, staffing and supply chain needs, to name a few.

In our upcoming webinar, Melax Technologies’ Director of Research, Dr. Yaoyun Zhang, will address the basics of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and a number of use cases based on client success.  Dr. Zhang will also discuss hypothetical situations and take questions from the audience.

At the conclusion of this webinar, attendees will gain insight into:

  • The definition of NLP and how NLP quality is tested within the biotechnology industry
  • How the information gathered by NLP products, such as Melax Tech’s CLAMP toolkit, is used in a real world setting
  • What a hospital system needs to get started in deep data mining using NLP.

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