Mercury Natural Language Processing makes quick work of your medical data extraction projects — accurately and at a fraction of the cost of other web-based products.

Affordable Price

Process large amounts of data inexpensively

Flexible Pipelines

Five medical pipelines and more added regularly to extract only the data you need

High Performance

Save time and frustration with real-time analysis

On Premise Installation

Deploy Mercury NLP on your own server

MERCURY NLP is Melax Tech’s breakthrough software for Natural Language Processing in healthcare and related industries. Mercury NLP offers users the ability to extract textual data in a simple to use DIY format, backed by our expert data and development support team. Mercury NLP’s pay-per-byte system allows users to automate and speed up data extraction with unparalleled accuracy and flexibility. 

At half of the price of competitors, Mercury NLP allows administrators to continually monitor and refine projects. The results are processes and outputs that can be reproduced by project teammates for better, more reliable analytics reporting.

With five pre-built clinical pipelines and more on the way, users are able to apply a pipeline to text data, process it and see results in record time. Mercury NLP is HIPAA compliant; client data is never divulged to or used by anyone other than client team members.